5 Reasons That Make You Want to Keep Watching the Monogatari Series

5 Reasons That Make You Want to Keep Watching the Monogatari Series

After watching series after series of boring anime, you probably want a very unique anime to watch. Maybe something that doesn’t include annoying little cliches that most anime have. No main character fighting and training hard to grasp their dream of becoming the pirate king or the president of all ninjas. No depressing backstory that fuels the burning fighting soul that all of a sudden gives power to characters in combat. You want something more realistic and mature.

Welcome to the Monogatari series. This series features supernatural phenomena told in a way that has never been told before. Starting with Bakemonogatari, the series is, plot-wise and art-wise, the farthest you can get from an anime while still being an anime. It’s freaking unique. Here are five reasons why you, the anime lover who is sick and tired of the same recurring themes in every anime, should definitely pick up the Monogatari series.

1. The male main character is NOT an annoying little prick.

Let’s face it, most main characters that are males are whiny little brats, like Subaru from Re-Zero and Eren from Attack on Titan. Araragi Koyomi, our main guy in Monogatari, is far from those children. First of all, he is actually voiced by a male voice actor. So no high-pitched screaming sounds every time he fights. Secondly, he knows his own powers. He doesn’t believe that he is somehow super OP - he backs off when he is told to.

2. Everyone is a freaking genius.

Ever want some deep conversations in anime that isn’t about friendship? Each arc in the Monogatari series involves deep, philosophical monologues that analyze human relationships such as desire and betrayal. These monologues are so powerful that they give you a new look on life. Plus, the jokes that they tell aren’t childish at all. Only mature and fairly educated audiences will be able to understand them.

3. You’ve never seen art in an anime like in this one.

Glittery eyes, detailed grass, shining sun; yeah, we get it. That’s the typical anime landscape that every show has. However, the art in the Monogatari series is something a little different. The art style in the anime often features plain colors, visual effects such as asymmetry, and odd camera angles. The art is simple yet complex and fidgety yet stationary at the same time, often referred to as “Super Flat”. You have to watch it to experience it.

4. It’s easy to put down then pick back up.

The way Bakemonogatari in particular is set up, is every two episodes is an arc. Although all arcs follow a general story-line, there are no cliffhangers across arcs. It’s a nice way to kill exactly 40 minutes, and be left with no cliffhangers that make you feel like you absolutely need to keep watching. So, whether you’re a diligent businessman or a busy student, you can always just watch one arc and then pick it back up a different time.

5. The characters are really well developed.

Every character in the Monogatari series has a reason to exist. Whether it be that they have extreme family issues or that they’re a wandering spirit, they are significant pieces to the overall lore. Yes, literally everyone contributes to the plot, so there are no mob characters that never end up contributing to the plot even though time had been taken to explain them.


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