A Compilation of Sasha Eating Stuff

A Compilation of Sasha Eating Stuff

As a tribute to the ongoing Attack on Titan show, we decided to put together a compilation of our best girl, Sasha (aka potato girl), eating a bunch of different stuff. We hope you enjoy!

From episode three. This is where the infamous “Potato girl” nickname came from. She was forced to run until the brink of death that day--but Sasha was more concerned about not being able to eat dinner that day.


From episode four, when Eren and Jan had a little fight. They made a loud noise which had to be explained, and Mikasa instantly blamed it on Sasha’s fart. Interesting excuse.


Again from episode four. They were planning to eat this meat, but the Colossal Titan attacked and that never happened. Nooo, not the meat!


Ending theme for the second half of season one. She’s even eating a potato in the ending credits!


Sasha caught sitting next to a pile of bread. The subtitles were said by someone else. Sasha was just chillin there listening to the conversation. Next to a pile of bread that she TOTALLY didn't eat afterwards.


Season two episode two, during her flashback memories of her childhood. She even fights her dad for a piece of meat! Such dedication.


Season two episode four. Hanji just randomly has a potato to give Sasha. What a considerate boss!

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