AX Recap

AX Recap

Today's blog will be a short recap on AX 2017. For everyone that visited our booth, we love you, and thanks a bunch. For those who didn't, or couldn't attend AX, we just wanted to share our experience at AX with you.

As always, we promise you the coolest TCG sleeves in the market. All new Star Wars sleeves, baby!

You can't be an otaku if you don't have at least one plushie in every room of your house. We brought cute Pokemon plushies!

Visitors checking out our great wall of sleeves. We know, they look pretty great. Plus, there's a high chance of finding your waifu. Again, thanks for visiting!

Got some dope cosplayers in the house! You guys looked great. Thanks for stopping by!

Finally, our great tower of deckboxes. Don't worry, it wasn't leaning nor was it made out of pizza.

We'll resume our normal blog posts of featured goods every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am PST this Thursday. Before then, we'd like to thank all of our supporters that came out to visit us at AX! Really, guys, thank you so much for supporting Kozu, and stay cool.

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