Fate Grand Order Release for English

Fate Grand Order Release for English

Fate Grand Order just released on English last Wednesday. It had already been out for Japanese users, but this is big news for English Fate lovers.

To emphasize how important this release is, let us lightly go over the whole Fate franchise.

Currently there are three different “routes” to the Fate anime series: Fate Stay Night, Fate Unlimited Blade Works, and Fate Heaven’s Feel. Fate Zero is like a prequel to the three we just mentioned, so we won’t count it here. Stay Night, Unlimited Blade Works, and Heaven’s Feel assume that you have played the game, Grand Order, before you watch the anime series. Watching the anime before you play the game doesn’t ruin the Fate experience. However, most people agree that playing the game first will enhance the Fate franchise experience.

Gameplay looks kinda like this:

You get to form your own party of servants to fight enemies. The way you get servants is very VERY similar to Love Live SIF or Puzzles and Dragons; you farm some in-game currency and spend them to roll for servants. Of course, we all have to keep rolling for our waifus. These games are always more about the waifus. Waifu is laifu, after all.

Since it is fresh out of release, there is a lot of new player bonuses. The game will give you a lot of free stuff right now. Giving it a shot won’t hurt.

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