Figure Friday! 10/6 - Fate, PAD

Welcome to Figure Friday! This week we have some exciting figures coming into stock, so buckle up!

First up, we have the Fate Grand Order Archer Altria Pendragon in swimsuit figure!

It's a bit off-season, but that won't stop us from admiring our waifus in bikinis from Fate! She is expected to come home this month, October of 2017! Check her out here!

Next up, we have Fire Myr from PAD!

Welcome back to the heal cross metas. She is also expected to come home October of this year! Preorder her here! We also still have light Myr in stock! Check out all of out PAD stuff here!


And if you want 15% off either of these figures (or both) you can use the discount code waifubikini

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