Kozuguru's (very in-depth) guide on how to watch the Monogatari series, Part 2

Kozuguru's (very in-depth) guide on how to watch the Monogatari series, Part 2

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4½. Monogatari Series: Second Season + α

This one comes after all of the Second Season stuff, and is often referred as “花物語 (Hanamonogatari)”, or Suruga Devil. This was aired a year after the regular Second Season was aired, which is why Suruga Devil gets its own section. This revolves around Kanbaru, when Koyomi has already graduated from school. This is the arc that Kangaru didn’t get in the regular Second Season. Yes, this is chronologically after the rest of the Monogatari series. However,, we recommend watching this at this timing because if you watch it last, Kanbaru will seem like she is the most important heroine, which sadly, she is not!

  1. Tsukimonogatari

Tsukimonogatari takes place after Koimonogatari (or Hitagi End). In this title, the town that Araragi lives in has began stabilizing, which signifies the decrease in the oddities that occurred in the town, which also means the nearing end of Monogatari series. Tsukimonogatari also serves as the arc that Yotsugi, another heroine, didn’t get in Bakemonogatari or Second Season. Don’t worry about the series ending, though: there is more content to come.

  1. Owarimonogatari

Oh, boy. Owarimonogatari generally takes place between two arcs of Second Season: Shinobu Time and Hitagi End. This title revolves around the oddities that Ougi Oshino, a mysterious girl with eyes dark as midnight brings up to Koyomi. Ougi was important in the past titles that we covered as well, but this title goes in-depth into the oddity that is Ougi herself. Watching this title near the end prepares viewers for the final “battle” of the Monogatari series.

  1. Kizumonogatari

Kizumonogatari is a trilogy of three one-hour movies. The events in Kizumonogatari take place before the rest of the Monogatari series--it gives an explanation for the significance of Koyomi and why he is the main character of the Monogatari series. Due to its relevance to Shinobu, the all-mighty vampire, the three movies in Kizumonogatari are all titled with a name related to blood: 鉄血 (Tekketsu), or Iron Blood; 熱血 (Nekketsu), or Hot Blood; 冷血 (Reiketsu), or Cold Blood. Two of the trilogy in Kizumonogatari was in theaters from 2016 to 2017, and the final movie of the three will be in US theaters in April.

  1. Owarimonogatari, 2017

This Owarimonogatari is the continuation of Owarimonogatari. This final arc goes in-depth about Ougi Oshino and uncovers the mystery around her. This is scheduled to air in the summer of 2017.

This concludes our guide to watching the Monogatari series. It’s long, we get it, but trust us, it’s worth it. Also, please keep in mind that this list is the order in which we recommend watching. Everyone has their own way of enjoying anime, and if you have your own way, knock yourself out!

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