"Love Live!" Releases Six More PDP Silhouettes breaking the Fan Theory

"Love Live!" Releases Six More PDP Silhouettes breaking the Fan Theory

In March, KLab and Bushiroad opened an official website for a new "Perfect Dream Project" related to their Love Live! School Idol Festival app game. The website was featuring silhouettes of three new characters along with pictures of the original Love Live! idol group μ's and the Love Live! Sunshine!! idol group Aquors.

Short after, the fans successfully identified the three girls as being the three N girls from the app. Sharp-eyed players have identified them as three of the nine popularity poll winners: Kanata Konoe, Emma, and Shizuku Osaka. The theory went that, since these three were the top idols in the fan popularity contest, the rest of them would be the remaining six.






But now the site has released a new image, and it's thrown a decisive wrench in that theory:

A quick glance shows that the silhouettes don't really match up with the rest of the lineup. In fact, some of these (if not all) could be completely new characters, or characters designed or chosen via other means.

All will be revealed in the middle of next month, when Perfect Dream Project promises to debut more information about this new facet of the franchise.
















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