New AX 2017 App Released

New AX 2017 App Released

Get hyped for Anime Expo 2017! For any of you that don’t know, Anime Expo (or AX) is a super huge anime convention held in LA. A bunch of people fly into LA just to attend this event! Not only are there a bunch of awesome merchandise to look for there, but a ton of fun events are held, such as an Aqours concert and viewing parties.

This week, the official app for AX 2017 was released. And we have to give it to them: the app looks really freaking good. Here are some screenshots:

As you can already tell, the app is super easy to navigate. Right off of the bat, the schedule for various events are at the top, making it super easy to track events:

Right now, the Official Merch page only has a placeholder, so we’ll have to wait for updates on that. You can view all events, not based on date, under the featured events directory. The rest link to maps, calendars, and policy stuff.

If you look under the menu (the three lines on the top right), you see more interesting stuff:

Aside from the cute anime characters, some nice features live here. You can log into the app via Facebook and save events to have the app notify you. The AX challenge also becomes available for you once you log in, which is kind of like a scavenger hunt during AX.

If you are going to AX, you might see us, Kozuguru, at one of the booths! We will keep all of you notified!

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