The Coolest Looking Sleeves [Persona 5]

The Coolest Looking Sleeves [Persona 5]

With the recent addition of Persona 5 TCG sleeves to our collection of awesome TCG sleeves, we thought we’d give a shout-out to one of the most loved games by fans. Our new sleeves is a must-get for any Persona 5 fan, because we assure you they look way better than the average Joe sleeves.

This sleeve features the main protagonist and his first persona, Arsene. What we think is awesome about this sleeve is that the sleeve has a mugshot theme. The protagonist is holding that blackboard thing that criminals hold when they take their mugshots, with the height markers in the background. This adds to the criminal/prison theme that Persona 5 has, considering that the game literally begins as a police custody, and the Velvet Room (the place where you fuse personas) is a prison. Contrary to the prison theme which usually invokes negative emotion, the protagonist and Arsene have obvious smiles on their face, making them look boss as hell. Plus, Arsene as a character looks freakin’ awesome, and lives up to the “Joker” codename for the protagonist.

This sleeve features the protagonist in the Velvet room, accompanied by Caroline and Justine, the gatekeepers of the Velvet Room, if you will. This sleeve has many great small details in it, which make it great. First of all, the main character is not wearing prison uniform, but is looking quite fly in his normal outfit. The chains add to the prison theme, as we had said in the above sleeve review. In addition, Caroline and Justine are very much distinguishable, even though they are almost like twins. The facial expression and angles of the two make it easy to differentiate between them. Lastly, the contrast differences that this sleeve has is simply beautiful. The edges of the sleeve are obviously extremely dark, but get lighter as it approaches the upper-middle of the sleeve, where “Igor” sits. Such contrast differences make it seem like this isn’t just a character sleeve, but is a work of art. Imagine having art on the back of every card of your deck.


The Weiss set for Persona 5 comes out late July, so you should consider getting yourself a set of these sleeves before they run out! Check more newly arrived merchandise here:

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