Thoughts on the Konosuba Weiss Set

Thoughts on the Konosuba Weiss Set

In early April, the Weiss Schwarz set, Konosuba was released. There was a big audience for the Anime and game scenes. At first, the set seems to be getting a lot of strong, meta-defining cards but also some ways to have fun. There has been a lot of discussion about whether these cards are good or not, but it seems that there are some interesting card choices.


Card effect (Left): Level 1 bomb that reverses any card equal or lower level when it gets reversed. Discard a card when reversed to rest it again.

It’s a good card to stop your opponent’s strong level 1 plays and revives herself with a character from hand.

Card effect (Right): On attack, ditch a card and add a yellow character from waiting room to hand.

Great hand fixer and get those extra climaxes left in your hand into the waiting room to refresh your deck with them.

These two cards are some fun and interesting cards that can be in your deck to let you fight against hard match-ups and bad rng draws. The set itself is really strong and a budget deck can be built to fight with the meta.

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