Top 5 summer themed SAO figures to enhance your summer!

Top 5 summer themed SAO figures to enhance your summer!

Most people absolutely LOVE summer, we’re finally throwing away our long-sleeved clothing and being freed from their slumber! Sure, it’s extremely warm but there are a lot of different ways to cool down, all the way from going to pool or sea with friends to just relaxing under a tree’s shade. Most importantly, for people reading this that go to school, there’s no school!

In case you want to remember a specific summer, or just love summer themed figures, Feel free to check out these summer themed Sword Art Online figures we at KOZUGURU have selected for you!


Sword Art Online Sinon Cup Noodle Lid Stopper Prize Figure SAO

Nothing speaks summer than Sinon in a bikini. We’re starting off strong solely because I absolutely adore Sinon (don’t tell Asuna). This SAO figure artistically shows the “soft” side of Sinon’s character, since she’s mostly interpreted as a badass on the battlefield. Honestly, most of Sword Art Online summer themed figures have that artistic vibe, to me, they’re not just “girls in bikinis." 

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Sword Art Online SAO Memory Defrag Asuna Summer Ver. - EXQ Figure July 2019

This figure is made by Banpresto, which immediately lights sparks in my eyes. Blue-haired Asuna from Alfheim is not my favorite, but this SAO figure is really something else. Everything from the pose, to clothing and her expression gives off that summer vibe. A good way to use this figure is to give it away as a gift to someone who’s dear to you. Every time they see Asuna waving at them, they’ll remember you.

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Sword Art Online Code Register SAO Alice EXQ Figure Banpresto

As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of Alicization Arc, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of SAO character figures that come from it. Summer vibe Alice is amazingly constructed on so many levels. I mean I know she’s supposed to be a knight, but she could easily rock bikini model industry, according to this SAO summer figure and to my personal opinion.

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Sword Art Online SAO Memory Defrag SAO Yuuki - Character EXQ Figure

Yuuki was a really skilled player, loved watching the episodes she was in. This figure, however, shows the other side we didn’t get to see. It’s an amazing figure that deserves to be everywhere in the world.

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Sword Art Online Code Register SAO Leafa - Character EXQ Figure

Coming home sweaty after a hot summer day and then taking a bath is mostly what summer is about. This SAO Leafa figure shows exactly that, with its top quality and personalized look, it’s exactly the figure a summer room needs.

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We’ve listed some (in our opinion) best summer Sword Art Online figures. Keep in mind that there is an enormous number of other summer-vibe figures on our website, we’d love for you to check them out and tell us which ones are your favorite!

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