Upon Konosuba Joining English Weiss

Upon Konosuba Joining English Weiss

Bushiroad announced recently that the Weiss set for Konosuba will be joining the English scene. The release for this set is scheduled for August 25th, but this date may be subject to change. This set is most likely going to shift the meta, since the top decks right now are dominated by KanColle, Attack on Titan, and To Love Ru. As fellow TCG and Weiss players, we thought we’d share our builds and cosmetic builds to recommend to you.

There are multiple builds for this set, but we like to s**t on our opponent with a Darkness focused build, which features these two key cards:


The card on the left is a 0/0 produce infinite value Darkness. You can pay one, tap yourself, and put the top card of your deck into your clock to search for a <Adventurer> character. Also, on climax play, you can pump 1500 power to any of your characters. By using the search effect, you can set up for your level 1 power spike and also manipulate your hand to prepare for coming turns. You can basically produce a butt load of cards over the next couple of turns for a small cost of damage and stock.

The card on the right is a 3/2 8500 endgame Darkness. She can come out one level early if your opponent controls a level 3. In addition, if you control 2 or more other <Adventurer> characters, this card gains 1500 and hexproof (an ability that prevents this card from being chosen from your opponent’s card effects). On your opponent’s draw phase, you can pump 4000 power to any of your characters. If your opponent successfully deals damage to you when this card is in battle, you can pay 2 and ditch a card from your hand to deal the same amount to your opponent. Basically, she is an unkillable 14000 wall (from the +1500 and +4000) that potentially comes out at level 2 that also deals damage to your opponent on their turn. That’s pretty good.

Since you’re going to be destroying your opponent with Darkness cards, we would sleeve our deck with Darkness sleeves, and since we’re over the age of 18…

And since we’re getting these sleeves, might as well match them with this deckbox…

You should probably pick up some oversleeves to protect your normal sleeves as well. You never know when sleeve prices or demand shoot up and you want to start selling merchandise you bought. With the above sleeves, maybe the golden oversleeves would be a good choice, but we personally recommend the matted oversleeves. They feel really nice, and are more durable than the regular oversleeves.


What did you think of our recommended builds? We hope to see you one day with this build, or a unique build of your own!

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