Figure Friday! 9/8 - Sagiri, Yuudachi, and more

Figure Friday! 9/8 - Sagiri, Yuudachi, and more

Welcome to Figure Friday, where we share the hottest figures from this week!

First up...

The Yuudachi Kai Ni collab figure is up for preorder! Yuudachi is a Shiratsuyu-class destroyer in Kantai Collection, and the beach ball that she is holding has cute little space invaders on them. Pretty fitting for a summer prize figure.

She's expected to come home in September of this year! Will she be yours? Check it out here !

Next up is Sagiri!

The cutest loli from Eromanga Sensei. If you didn't watch that show, get started! It just finished very recently so its binge-able! Those deep, blue eyes though.

She is in stock now! Take her home here!


Whether you're looking to get one of both of these great figures, you can take an additional 15% off the cost by using the discount code FF1111 at checkout. Make sure to come back every week for more figures and more discounts!

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