Love Live Shirts and Bags!

Love Live Shirts and Bags!

Season 2 has began for our beloved Aqours, and it's been pretty hyphy! For you hardcore Love Live Sunshine fans out there, we got some new exciting merchandise fresh in stock!

First off, we got some Aqours shirts:

We got cotton shirts that are just simply lovely waifu. We also have...

...some spicy waifu meme shirts. Memes for specific girls, too! Check them out here!

Next up, we got some Aqours bags:

These bags feature our favorite girls by year! You can save the environment AND support your favorite idol group. We also have some waifu bags too! Check them out here!

Lastly, we have some Aqours hoodies!

You can look classy AND stay warm AND show off your love for Aqours. You can start rocking these hoodies here!


And for a limited time you can use the coupon code Sunshine! to get 15% off your purchase of any of these items.

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