New Sword Art Online TCG Merchandise!

New Sword Art Online TCG Merchandise!

Recently, we, Kozuguru, updated our new arrivals list (now called the “Just Arrived”) with new anime merchandise. We would introduce all of them, but we would have a clusterf**k article featuring a million different anime series, so we decided to highlight our biggest import--the SAO series!

Before we begin, we recognize that the SAO series is really divided in opinions--some people love it, others hate it. The community’s response to this series is kinda like politics: you can’t really hold a middle opinion. Well, you know what, we’re going to. You don’t like how Kirito is super OP in every arc? Sure, we could agree. You don’t like how Asuna always needs saving? Sounds like Disney. You think that the Kirito genderbend in the Gun Gale Online arc was unnecessary? You’re probably right. But you can’t deny the anime’s amazing music and animation. The show has its ups and downs. So, we stand in the middle ground. We hope you respect our opinion, as we respect yours.

OK, time to cut the serious stuff.

Back in March, the SAO movie, “Ordinal Scale” was in theaters for the US. Although it did not completely meet the fan’s expectations, we thought it was an interesting spin on the original series. We have to give it to A-1 pictures for not letting the animation down, though. The movie looked beautiful, as we had expected it to be.

To commemorate, we imported a set of sleeves for the “Ordinal Scale” theme, pictured below:

The first sleeve is the featured cover art for the movie. In our opinion, it looks freakin awesome. The second sleeve is Asuna's outfit during the movie.

It wouldn’t be a Kozu article is we didn’t talk a little bit about Weiss. Here’s a card from the Re:Edit set, released in English on April.

This is called “Attack in Waves, Asuna” in English. Her base power is 5000, but she passively gives 2000 power to the characters in front of her. On play, she can search for a card in your deck and add it to your hand. Her last effect, a climax combo, is switching places with a specific Kirito card on another card’s attack, for the price of two stock and ditching one card from your hand. In summary, this card allows the player to attack up to five times, for a price of 4 stock to play two of these cards, 4 more stock to play the specific Kirito (unless you have ANOTHER specific Kirito on board, in which case it would be for free), and 4 more stock and two cards from your hand to switch places. However, since you will be attacking five times, this combo at best has a net 3 stock price. In addition, since this Asuna can search a character on play, you’re guaranteed to have the specific Kirito in your hand to play. This combo does about 15 damage, not considering triggers. 3 stock for 15 damage seems pretty good.

Check out our other SAO merchandise here:

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