Thoughts on Exclusive Fanime Merchandise

Thoughts on Exclusive Fanime Merchandise

Fanime 2017 came to a close on May 29th. This year, Kozuguru had the opportunity to drive up North and have a booth for all three days in the Dealer’s Hall. In summary, NorCal is pretty lit, but in comparison to SoCal, we’re not really sure (nah, we’re just kidding. NorCal is pretty awesome too).

As our own little closing ceremony of Fanime 2017, we decided to open up preorders for Fanime exclusive TCG playmats! Here’s two of our favorites:

This mat is by Ombobon Artworks, and it’s an exclusive rubber doujin mat of Going Merry from One Piece. What we like about this mat is that the dark shade of the waters and sky in the foreground lighten up the middle of the mat near the ship by contrast. Also, the little birds that fly around the ship appear to be glowing. Glowing birds in anime often resemble some sort of hope or new dream, which fits perfectly with the theme of this mat. We recommend this to any One Piece fan that needs a rubber playmat.

This mat is by an artist from Indonesia, by the name of Audia Pahlevi. It’s also an event exclusive rubber doujin mat, but this one features our favorite android, 2B, from Nier: Automata. For those of you who have not heard of this game, it’s basically a game where you get to destroy alien robots (or machine life forms) with hot androids, like 2B. As a die-hard fan puts it, "a beautiful game laid out with meaning and insight behind each second of story, music, and gameplay". The dark theme of the mat fits the general feel of the game, making it very flavorful (plus, 2B’s got ass).

What’s great about these mats are that they do not have to be used for trading card games. Rubber playmats are especially good for mousepads or keyboard pads for any gamers out there. If you really want, they can also be posters to hang up on your wall.

Check out more Fanime exclusive merchandise below!

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