Waifus All Around: A Look at Saekano Character Sleeves

Waifus All Around: A Look at Saekano Character Sleeves

Anyone who has watched or is currently watching Saekano, or “How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend”, knows that this anime is one of the cutest out there. The general premise of this anime goes as follows: an otaku guy gathers his other otaku friends to make a dating simulation game. Seems simple, but there are two twists to this plot. One of them is, his other otaku friends are already super OP creators. The blonde chic in the middle of the picture above is a famous doujin artist, and the black hair girl to the left of her is a famous light novel author. They have a really big part in the creation of the game. The other twist is that this game that they are creating is almost based completely on the girl to the very left, Megumi Sato. She’s actually the most normal girl you can think of, hence the name of the anime, “How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend”. We will intentionally ignore the other two girls in the picture above for the purpose of this article.

Why do we bring this anime up midway through its second season? Well, Kozuguru recently opened up a preorder campaign for the character sleeves for the three main girls that we just mentioned:

...and we are excited as hell. These sleeves are a must-buy for any TCG player that is a Saekano advocate.

These sleeves come in a freakin 80 pack. For Magic players, buying sleeves is a pain in the butt. A majority of sleeves packs come with only 50 sleeves, forcing you to buy an additional pack to sleeve the last 10 cards in your deck. Weiss, and Vanguard players have it a little easier, but once you lose or damage one sleeve, you need to buy a pack of the same character sleeve just to replace it, since it’s 50 cards for 50 sleeves. These Saekano sleeves come in an 80 pack, which is freakin massive. Magic players don’t have to buy two packs of the same sleeves, Weiss and Vanguard players can have replacements, and YuGiOh players could theoretically sleeve two decks with one pack of these sleeves. These sleeves coming in an 80 pack is too much value to pass by.

Secondly, your waifu will cheer you on as you play the game (this is the most important part). The girls in Saekano are super sweet in their own ways. Everyone that watches this show instantly grows to love one is not all of the characters in the show due to its superb character development. Why would you not want the tasteful waifu Kato, or the tsundere and childhood friend Sawamura, or busty senpai Kasumigaoka to descend as the goddess of RNG in your gameplay?


Kozuguru also has other Saekano merchandise that is worth taking a look at. All of them feature our favorite waifus! Check them out here: https://www.kozuguru.com/collections/saekano


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