Bang Dream! Hello, Happy World! HaroHapi Pico Full Cast - Deck Box V2 Vol.481

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Brand new anime character deck box from Bang Dream! Hello, Happy World! band / ハロー、ハッピーワールド!

All boxes are imported directly from Japan and officially licensed with authentication seal.

Characters on the box:

  • Tsurumaki Kokoro / 弦巻 こころ
  • Seta Kaoru /瀬田 薫
  • Kitazawa Hagumi / 北沢 はぐみ
  • Matsubara Kanon / 松原 花音
  • Okusawa Misaki / 奥沢 美咲

Series: Bang Dream! バンドリ!


Size: 97 × 73 × 62mm

The box holds:

  • 100 sleeved cards
  • 70 double sleeved cards
  • 60 triple sleeved cards

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