Bang Dream! Pastel Palettes Character Capsule Rubber Mascot Strap Bushiroad

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UPC / JAN: 4589610718001

This is a brand new anime character capsule rubber strap from BanG Dream! featuring all of our favorite girls from Pastel Palettes band.
All straps are imported directly from Japan and officially licensed with authentication seal.


  • Eve Wakamiya / 若宮 イヴ
  • Yamato Maya / 大和 麻弥
  • Shirasagi Chisato / 白鷺 千聖
  • Hikawa Hina / 氷川 日菜
  • Maruyama Aya / 丸山 彩

    Series: Bang Dream! Pastel Palettes / バンドリ/ パスパレ


    Size: about 55mm / 2"inches 

    Material: PVC

    Attachment: string