Bang Dream! Poppin'Party Bandori Capsule Rubber Strap Mascot Vol.2

UPC / JAN: 4573107351765
This is a brand new anime character capsule acrylic strap from BanG Dream! featuring all of our favorite girls from Poppin'Party band.
All straps are imported directly from Japan and officially licensed with authentication seal.


  • Toyama Kasumi 戸山とやま 香澄
  • Hanazono Tae / 花園はなぞの たえ
  • Ushigome Rimi / 牛込うしごめ りみ
  • Yamabuki Saaya / 山吹やまぶき 沙綾
  • Ichigaya Arisa / 市ヶ谷いちがや 有咲
Series: Bang Dream! Poppin'Party PoPiPa / ポッピン パーティー, ポピパ

    Size: about 55mm / 2"inches 

    Material: soft rubber

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