Fate/Stay Night - Rin Tosaka (Unlimited Blade Works) - Banpresto Prize Figure

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  • Rin Tohsaka Prize Figure made-in-Japan, Banpresto. Has genuine imported licensed accessories, with copyright authentication seal.
  • Official Rin Tohsaka prize figure made to the highest quality, and it is truly collectible item for all Fate fans.
  • Figure height: 18cm/8inch
  • Material: PVC / ABS
  • Brand new figure featuring Rin Tohsaka/ 遠坂 凛
  • Anime Series:  Fate/stay night / フェイト/ステイナイト


Fate/Stay Night (F/SN) is a seinen about a magical war between 7 magi and their powerful servants who were great heroes and demigods from across time. 

Rin Tohsaka may get caught up in epic magic battles on a regular basis, but she knows when to savor the lighter moments.

Rin is captured in a time of joy in this prize figure. Arms slightly stretched out, she seems to be in the midst of a happy little twirl. Rin is sporting her classic look - red turtleneck, cross pendant, black skirt and leggings, and two matching ribbons, giving her a bit of a twin tail look. She may be drawn to the battlefield again soon, but right now, Rin can't help but kick back and laugh!

Add some mirth to your collection today and order Rin!

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It arrived quickly! Safely packed with no issues at all. I didn’t expect to get things exclusive from doujin circles & comiket!

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