GochiUsa Is the Order a Rabbit? - Character Sega Limited Can Badge

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This is a brand new anime limited character can badges featuring our favorite characters from GochiUsa 

Series: Is the Order a Rabbit? (GochiUsa) /  ご注文はうさぎですか? (ごちうさ)


  • Chino Kafū / 香風 智乃
  • Chiya Ujimatsu / 宇治松 千夜
  • Rize Tedeza / 天々座 理世
  • Syaro(Sharo) Kirima / 桐間 紗路
  • Cocoa Hoto / 保登 心愛
  • Maya Jōga / 条河 麻耶
  • Megumi Natsu 奈津 恵

    Material: Tin, iron

    Size: 56mm in diameter