Idolmaster SideM - Units Beit & "W" - Character Acrylic Stand with Hanging Charm Vol.4

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This is a brand new acrylic stand from Idolmaster SideM featuring our favorite idol boys.

The stand comes with a base that allows it to stand. The stand will make a great show piece on your desk.  

Series: THE iDOLM@STER: SideM (アイドルマスター サイドエム

Characters (by units):

Unit Beit

  • Kyoji Takajo/ 鷹城恭二 
  • Minori Watanabe / 渡辺みのり
  • Pierre / ピエール 

Unit "W"

  • Kyosuke Aoi / 蒼井享介 / 

    Size: about 13 cm / 5.1" in height

    Material: Acrylic