Macross 7 - Character Art Collab Dining Cork Coaster Set of 6

UPC / JAN: 4573102558473
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This is a brand new anime cork coasters set of 6 from Macross.

These coasters help to keep the surface of your table free from drink rings, sticky spots, stained tablecloths, and condensation. Coasters have a suitable size and beautiful anime decoration and presents.

Series: Macross / マクロス


  • Basara Nekki 熱気 バサラ
  • Fire Bomber ファイヤーボンバー
  • VF-19 Fire Valkyrie VF-19改 エクスカリバー 熱気バサラスペシャル(ファイアーバルキリー)

Material: cork

Dimension: about 9 cm in diameter

Set includes 6 character coasters