Pokemon Kanto Region Ippai Character Collection Capsule Toy Figure

UPC / JAN: 4904790870255

Love your Pokemon and want to build your very own collection of Pokemon toys? 
We offer a wide selection of Pokemon items imported directly from Japan.

This is a capsule toy from Pokemon featuring:

  • Pikachu ピカチュウ
  • Eevee イーブイ Eievui
  • Charizard リザードン Lizardon
  • Venusaur フシギバナ Fushigibana
  • Blastoise カメックス Kamex

The figures are made to the highest quality, and are truly collectible item for all the Pokemon fans out there.


Series: Pokemon / ポケットモンスター Pocket Monsters, ポケモン

Size: about 3.5 cm - 5 cm / 1" inches - 1.9" inches

Materials: PVC