Pokemon Pikachu Ho-Oh Incineroar Lycanroc Candy Toy Figures **10pc Case Pack**

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UPC / JAN: 4904790105807-10

Love your Pokemon and want to build your very own collection of Pokemon toys? 
We offer a wide selection of Pokemon items imported directly from Japan.

The figures are made to the highest quality, and it is truly collectible items for all the Pokemon fans out there.


  •  Pikachu ピカチュウ
  • Ho-Oh / Houou / ホウオウ
  • Incineroar / Gaogaen / ガオガエン
  • Lycanroc Midnight Form / Lugarugan / ルガルガン 

The case pack includes 10 figures:

  • 3 of Pikachu
  • 3 of Ho-Oh
  • 2 of Incineroar / Gaogaen
  • 2 of Lycanroc Midnight Form

Officially licensed by Takara Tomy Arts 

Size: about 4 - 5cm