Re: Zero Collab Cafe Exclusive Microfiber Character Hand Towel

Sold out

This is a brand new Collaboration Cafe exclusive microfiber towel featuring our favorite characters from the Re:Zero series.
Girls are posing in different outfits:
  • Cafe Waitress Costume
  • Wedding Dress
  • V-Day Chocolate Costume
  • Demon and Angel Costume
  • Rem (レム)
  • Ram (ラム)
  • Emilia (エミリア) EMT / E.M.T.

Series: Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World / Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活

Colorful and collectible, these towels will be a great accessory for all  Re:Zero fans out there! Choose one of your favorite girls or get them all!

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